Who says you have to celebrate love just one day out of the year? Why not every other day too? Add some romance to your home with some new decorating techniques that will wow your valentine.

We'll show you how to transform your home into a paradise where love never fades. Here are some DIY home design tips to try:

1. Romantic Furnishings

Add luxury to a room with a chaise lounge or a four-poster bed. With a bed with soft and silky sheets as the focal point of the room, it will radiate with elegance and romance.

2. Soft Lighting.

When you want romance in your home, be sure to stay away from bright lights. Lighting should be soft to give off the right vibe. Try installing dimmer switches on lamps and chandeliers so you can easily adjust the brightness to match the room's mood.

3. Fireplaces & Candles

The flickering flame from a fire bring out the romance in a room. Fireplaces and candles create subtle light to both invigorate and relax the occupants.

4. Satisfy the Senses

  • Sense of Touch - Take advantage of your sense of touch through soft fabrics, bath curtains and the use of velvet or similar materials for upholstered chairs. On lamps, opaque shades will give your skin a beautiful glow and soft plush towels are a nice touch for a romantic atmosphere.
  • Sense of Smell - Enhance the overall mood in the room with the power of scent. In every room of the house, use scented oils and candles while keeping a subtle smell that is not over-powering. Add lovely aromas by placing fresh cut flowers around your home.
  • Sense of Sight - Captivate the sense of sight with lovely artwork of landscapes, sculptures or still-life paintings. place delicate vases on dressers or stack a poetry collection on a piece of furniture to enhance the romantic aura.
  • Sense of Sound - You can filter sound and keep noise levels down in your home's romantic space by using curtains and soft, plush rugs. Keep the television off or in another room to minimize noise.

Using these home-decorating tips, you can create a romantic an elegant aura throughout your home this Valentine's Day and all year long. As you decorate your home, concentrate on captivating all the senses. Sight, sound, touch and smell should be used in soft and subtle ways to provide both luxury and tranquility.