Get inspired by your surroundings. Collect natural materials such as pine cones or branches and decorate them with ribbons, paint and glitter.

Host a decor or ornament swap. If you're bored with your holiday decor and you have family and friends who feel the same about theirs, invite them over to exchange items. It's less expensive than buying new items and you may find some new holiday favorites.

Get Crafty! Consider DIY decorations to save a bundle. Pinterest and other craft sites are treasure troves of inspiration for all holidays.

Check out pre-Christmas sales. Many craft supply stores offer discounts on holiday decor and ornaments before the holidays. Although the best time to stock up is after the holidays, when discounts are often up to 75% off, you can still find major deals a few weeks beforehand.

Organize a holiday cookie exchange. Instead of baking dozens of different cookies, organize a cookie exchange with family, friends or neighbors. Each person bakes several dozen of one type of cookie and then everyone trades what they baked. Be sure to clarify what everyone is baking to ensure that each person receives different kinds of cookies.