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Tarah Lewis

Tarah Lewis

Sales Parner

I like to consider myself a Redding native, living in Redding for the first part of my life and moving to Cottonwood when I was ten, then moving back to Redding 8 years later. I was born at our local hospital Mercy Medical Center. My first ‘real’ job was ironically at Mercy Medical Center where I worked in housekeeping, after a few years I started working with the Jeantet Team and fell in love with Real Estate...... I am married to my wonderful husband and we have two Pocket Beagles Lily and Zoey. I love animals,  traveling, reading, baking, and hitting the gym. 

Why I got into real estate? Well, it all started when my parents were looking for ideas for their home they were building when I was a kid.... They took us to so many open houses, I developed a love for looking at homes. They also took us to home improvement stores for hours..... I did not develop a love for those, I have a huge aversion to them just ask my husband. I love going to open houses and years later when my husband and I bought our house I thought ‘how cool is this, the realtor just goes around showing homes all day’ (of course there’s more to it then that but this is what stuck out to me). Then working with the Jeantet Team and learning the ins and outs of what a Realtor does sealed the deal for me. I love being involved and helping people find that dream home.

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Real Estate License #01198431